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HOW congratulate kindergarten workers

Kindergarten teacher - first your child's teacher

To the staff of kindergartens have not gone unnoticed in your holiday, invented a lot of poems, songs and jokes.

There are other ways to congratulate those who work with preschoolers.

On the day of each preschooler remembers his firstteachers and tutors - tutors and nannies kindergarten. People who work with the children of younger age, especially: good-natured and energetic. In order to implement the skills they require creativity, emotional sensitivity and love for children. Congratulating the staff of preschool institutions is also needed in a special way: warm and trivial.

How to make room for the holiday?

•; balloons, flags and garlands of flowers will be more than umestny-
•; posters with congratulations from the administration and parents to decorate every gruppu-
•; on the door glass can be made stained-glass painting with cartoon personazhami-
•; on the table teacher should show off a bouquet of fresh flowers, donated in honor of doshkolnika-

Poems, songs, cards and other holiday attributes

If you have the ability to draw, you canMake yourself a small card and write in her congratulatory wishes. It is desirable to compose himself, based on any of a large number of poems and songs, in which kindergarten mentioned. In the text you can edit the name and patronymic or educator nurses and other lines rhyme. This greeting will be much more hearty and memorable.

The contest, in which the staff of the kindergartenwill be able to show their creativity and sparkling character, will make the celebration more interesting and fun. If, among the acquaintances or friends have teachers, nurses, managers, or the Methodists, the preschooler's day they must be congratulated. This can be done with a small drawing on the phone (on an unscheduled inspection by the department of education, sanitary and epidemiological stations and so forth.) The main thing is that these people realize that this professional holiday remember and appreciate their hard work.

In order to draw public attention tokindergartens and their problems, the government marked the day of the professional holiday of workers of preschool institutions - 27 September. We should not forget this date, and if you can not personally congratulate their teacher, you can remember about it and mentally wish health, good luck and longevity.

If a family has children attending kindergarten,the greeting should be expressed in concrete actions: flowers, card, box of chocolates, verbal good wishes and happiness. All of this will cause a reciprocal gratitude, which will affect the mood of the employee of the kindergarten and its desire to exert every effort in the education of younger children.

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