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How to start the conclusion

How to start the conclusion

Conclusion essays, term papers or diploma should contain the findings and results of the work done.

But even when it is clear what it is to write, it is sometimes difficult to start the first sentence.



Start conclusion human words, which youwrite operation. Select a quote from a work or play back the last words of this person. Write what you think is the phrase most important and decisive in the life of this person. Give explanation of why you think so. For the first lines using "words uttered at the end of life only emphasize its relation to ...".


Summarize your work in prison. Formulate the main conclusions to which you have come in the process of writing the work. List the results of the analysis, if you write a term paper or diploma in applied disciplines. To do this, start this part of the words "On the basis of the above we can draw the following conclusions ..." "Thanks to the analysis carried out can be formulated ...".


Evaluate the actions of the heroes of literarythe product of which you write the essay. Imagine how to change their thoughts and actions, it appear they were in our time. In the essay on the literary works of important opinion of the author. Used the phrase "In conclusion, I take the liberty to assume that ...", "The situation described in the novel, could not take place in our time, but ...".


Give recommendations, relying on the progress made inwriting an essay or coursework conclusions. Note the practical value of the work done. Use the phrase, "The results obtained in the process of writing a diploma (abstract) findings suggest ..." "You can use the results of the analysis in the related areas of ...". Tell us about the industry's prospects.


Assess their work, write thatposed in the introduction to the essay (course, diploma) objectives and targets are met. Again mark the essence of the problem that you investigated, and describe, with the help of tools it has been solved. You can resort to the standard expression "materials were used during the writing of my ..." "In the study, I applied ...".

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