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How to compile reports

How to write reports

In a good report, the author opens the topic under study work is already existing points of view and offers its own.

A huge role in drawing up a quality report plays a stage of preparation.

You will need

  • - Topic-
  • - Sources on doklada-
  • - free time-
  • - Stationery, or computer.



To get started is to decide on the theme of the report,to think that it would be interesting to investigate for you. Setting the theme of the report should be as clear and understandable, avoid possible ambiguities. Check out the existing sources on issues of interest to you, various educational materials suitable for this systematic literature or trusted sources on the Internet.


In the course of reading found sources do tezisno tagging, which then is easily processed into conclusions and highlight the selected problems in more detail by presenting different points of view.


When you have decided on the amount of the futurereport and its structure, proceed to Plan report. You should start to justify the selection of the topic, its relevance, setting goals and objectives of the study. Next is to put forward his hypothesis about the chosen topic, to present the methodology of research, the final results and conclusions. The collected material is formed according to the report compiled by the plan.


After the report is, attentivecheck for possible spelling, punctuation and style errors. Make sure to match the text of the report of the scientific style of speech. Particular attention should be paid to the design of the title page and bibliography. Other major sections of any report - a table of contents, introduction, main part and conclusion.

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