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HOW comb tangled hair

How to comb tangled hair

Hair care - an indispensable condition for obtaining a thick, luxurious hair.

It is important to comb your hair without damaging their abuse.

How to comb your hair

If you are having problems with scratchinghair, try to regularly do this lying down. Sit on the bed or the couch, zaprokinte head back, push it over the edge. In this position, there is a perfect blood circulation to the scalp, the hair roots to offer plenty of useful nutrients. It promotes active hair growth and improve their quality.
Comb the hair from the nape of the neck. Carefully and slowly work your way in all directions. After a few minutes you should see a pleasant warmth in the scalp. Movement combs must be smooth - no jerks. Once you rascheshete strand spend on it several times with his hand. Do not comb your hair "on speed", it will not benefit. Long hair must first comb at the tips, while not derite them, do not tear nodules. Hold the section of hair at the base and carefully, patiently comb ends.

It is not necessary to resort to the grandmother's method combing each strand a hundred times. If you have a weakened or thin hair, this practice will likely only hurt them.

How to untangle your hair

Highly intricate hair should be brushed afterapplying conditioner or smoothing tool. If they are not at hand, it is possible to untangle and comb your hair after washing, while they are still wet. But do not overdo it, because the water makes the hair and scalp is too vulnerable to thermal and mechanical effects. For more efficient use of combing comb with rare teeth strong. Always the first thing unravel the tips and then "climb" up the strands.
Choosing the right comb simplifiescombing hair. Bad brushes and combs destroy the hair structure, making them brittle. Incorrect comb can form nodules on the tips of the hair, confused and electrify the hair.

If you can not comb your hair yourself, contact a friend or a specialist. If your hair is very confused, try to change the shampoo.

The best are comb made fromnatural materials. Wooden or bone combs, brushes with stiff natural bristles. Such combs under any circumstances, does not accumulate static, do not contain unpleasant impurities and completely environmentally friendly.

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