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How to Comb Intricate Hair


How to Comb Intricate Hair</a>

Caring for the hair is an indispensable condition for acquiring a thick, luxurious head of hair.

It is very important to properly comb your hair without injuring them with cruel treatment.

How to Comb Hair

If you have problems with combingHair, try to practice it regularly. Sit on the bed or sofa, tilt your head back, lower it by the edge. In this position, there is an ideal circulation of blood on the surface of the head, a lot of useful nutrients come to the roots of the hair. It promotes active growth of hair and improvement of their quality.
Comb your hair starting from the back of your neck. Accurately and slowly move in all directions. After a few minutes, pleasant warmth should appear in the scalp. The movements of the comb must necessarily be smooth - no jerks. After you comb the strand, swipe it several times with the palm of your hand. Do not comb your hair "at speed", it will not be of use. Long hair should be combed first on the tips, do not cut them, do not tear the nodules. Hold the strand of hair at the base and gently, patiently comb the ends.

Do not resort to the grandmother's method, combing each strand a hundred times. If you have thin or thin hair, this practice is likely only to harm them.

Than untidy hair

Strongly tangled hair needs to be combed afterApplying an air conditioner or a smoothing agent. If they are not at hand, you can untangle and comb your hair after washing, while they are still wet. But do not overuse it, because water makes hair and scalp too vulnerable to temperature and mechanical influences. For more effective combing, use a comb with strong, rare teeth. Always first of all untangle the tips, and then "climb" upward through the strand.
The right comb makes it easyCombing hair. Bad brushes and combs destroy the structure of the hair, make them brittle. Wrong combs can form nodules on the tips of the hair, tangle and electrify the hair.

If you can not comb the hair yourself, contact a friend or specialist. If the hair gets mixed up very much, try changing the shampoo.

The best are combs made fromNatural materials. Wooden or bone combs, brushes with stiff natural bristles. Such combs under no circumstances accumulate statics, do not contain unpleasant impurities and are completely ecological.

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