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HOW collecting dolls

How to collect dolls

Almost every person in my life playing with dolls. Some get them as a gift, and someone just finds.

Proper organization of storage and extend the life of collectible dolls.

You will need

  • outputs on the Internet
  • -kukly



If you have not engaged in collecting dolls, it's never too late to start. To start learn all sorts of resources and try to find a model of those dolls that you liked.

How to collect dolls


You can buy a collector's dollspecial shop. If these are not available in your area, contact the seller via ebay or other international sales network. You can also contact your dealer, writing a letter or sending an e-mail.


You must decide for yourself whether there is enough space forPuppet content in your apartment. Decide how you are going to store them. In the box or in the clear. Without packaging for the doll will have to look more carefully.

How to collect dolls


Regularly update your collection. Keep an eye on the issue and sale of new dolls via the Internet. You can find the latest news on the official website of the developer dolls.

How to collect dolls

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