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HOW classified organization

As organizations are classified

Organization - is a complex concept that requires a long-term study. We need to know not only its features, but also the possibility of using.

Classification allows you to quickly define all the zone application functioning of the organizations.



Statistical organization - a system that reflectscut relationship between the various elements. They are elements of the complex, but remain unchanged. Example: The structure of the universe, the systematization of knowledge of any science.


Simple dynamic organization, pre-programmed for a specific result. It is often called "clockwork." Example: solar system.


Cybernetic system or the level of information organization. The second name - "the thermostat level." Example: robots, automated control systems.


Self-perpetuating organization. From this level it can be argued that the organization begins to have the properties of the living. The second name - "the cell level." Example: protozoa.


Genetically-public organization. That is, the organization of living beings, which does not have its own will and motivation. Example: A group of plants.


Organization type animals. This level is characterized by the appearance of movement, awareness and specific objectives of the individual elements. A prerequisite is the availability of a sustainable information exchange.


Human. The organization of the common man - is a science that requires careful consideration. It differs from other systems, the ability to express their own will, to store and process information. Can independently integrate its activities.


Social organizations. This includes a variety of public institutions and companies. In fact, this set of people who put effort to achieve certain goals. The most common type of system. It occurs mainly in the business.


Transcendental organization, that is, those that exist at the moment, but studied enough. Example: black holes.

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