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The better you know a girl, the easier it will cheer her up

Girls? It is very emotional. On the mood of the fair sex can affect anything, because their bodies are constantly goes hormonal changes.

But the question? What happened ?? they usually meet? all right ?.

Sometimes it is enough to leave it for a while, and it will come in good spirits, and sometimes need to make an effort to cheer up the distressed girl.



Still, the first step on the road to success will beInformation that so upset her. If the cause of a bad mood in an awkward situation in which she managed to get there, then wrap the whole thing as a joke. Laugh with her, but not about the case more closely resembles. Well, if you can give an example from my life comedic situations that fall themselves. Let her know that she is not at all a failure, that all this happens. In the same situation, tell her a funny anecdote, a word everything that would cause a smile. Can you just plain have some fun.


If the cause of the disorder in the familyproblems, especially if someone is sick of relatives and loved ones, it's no humor should not be. If the situation is very serious, it is not necessary to say anything, it is sufficient to embrace and to substitute his shoulder for tears. So voltage will drop quickly, and it is even able to smile, because next to her in a difficult situation was a man who understood and supported her.


Another way, which helps to drive incauseless melancholy girl? is to take her to the store to shop. As said, the heroine of the film? ?: Confessions of a Shopaholic? When I go to the shop, the world gets brighter ?. Many girls shopping and the possibility that something in them to buy works in a similar way. Let her smallest whim and buy something she will like.


You just want to make a nice girl? Buy two tickets to the KVN, Comedy Club performance or Petrosyan, depending on what kind of humor is more appreciative, and spend the evening together, laughed heartily. The main thing is not to miscalculate and find out exactly what she was laughing at.

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