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Being billed for electricity

Being billed for electricity

the order has been changed since January of 2013, on interest payments for electricity in apartment buildings.

For many consumers have become an unpleasant surprise bills that have to pay.

The total amount of charges is now part of the payment ODN - obschedomovyh needs.

It sometimes exceeds the actual consumption, which is recorded by the meter installed in the apartment.

What is included in the fee for the needs obschedomovye

Charging for electricity since 2013made by the new "Rules of providing public services to owners and users of premises in apartment buildings." This regulatory document approved by the RF Government Decree № 354 of May 6, 2011. A significant change was the inclusion of fees for ARF - Payment obschedomovyh needs.

What ODN

Previously ODN in the receipt in a row"Power supply, lighting of public spaces." However, now this amount has increased significantly. That's because until November 2012 in receipts only lighting stairwells taken into account, but in accordance with the new rules in the calculation takes into account all the receivers of electric energy installed in the common areas. These include elevators, entrances, technical floors, intercoms, pripodezdnye street lamps, accessories, providing the convenience of living. That is, when occupants set obschedomovoe antenna amplifier or pumps that pump up water to the upper floors, the electric power consumed will be recorded and included in the charge.
The procedure for payment of ARF has also been changed. Previously, the total amount was divided by all tenants in proportion to the amount they pay for electricity at the meter installed in the apartment. Under the new order, and now the total amount of ODN is divided in proportion to the size of the apartment. This is done based on the fact that the share of property in general building and house territory are set in proportion to the size of the apartment, it is logical that the content obschedomovogo assets should be distributed on the same basis.
In some areas, local authorities have establishedregulations limiting the fees for ARF. If the house has a separate counter, taking into account the energy consumption of the ARF, the payment is made on it, but only if the readings do not exceed the standard. If the actual flow is greater, the calculation is made according to the standards, as in the case of absence obschedomovogo instrument accounting.

It is billed by the meter installed in the apartment

No changes to the order of payment every apartmentpower consumption has not occurred. Residents pay just enough kilowatts as necessary during the month. The only advantage there is for those tenants in the apartments which are set dual-rate counters that allow the use of lower rates for the electricity that is consumed from 21:00 to 7:00. Savings in this case becomes quite significant, because, as a rule, "night" tariff is almost one and a half times less than the one that operates in the daytime.

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