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How to call a doctor on the house


How to call a doctor on the house</a>

Obligatory medical care on the policy of CHI helps to get a list of certain services.

On the call of the patient on working days and at certainA doctor-therapist or a pediatrician visits the house. If you need to get medical help at another time or call a specialist at home, you can go to a private clinic where paid services are provided at any convenient time of day or night.



Affluent patients can affordCall a doctor of any specialty at home at any time convenient to them. At home, you can get not only paid consultation and basic recommendations for treatment, but also, if necessary, to conduct a number of laboratory studies, to make an ECG. The doctor can put a dropper, take responsibility for leading the patient to full recovery.


The cost of paid medical services in different clinics is approximately the same. Most often the doctor's departure is paid taking into account the distance from the central regional highways.


The specialists of paid clinics have highQualification, have a license and a certificate for the provision of medical services, can resolve the issue of hospitalization, issue a certificate that exempts from classes in educational institutions, a sick leave sheet.


In addition, you can not only call a doctorFrom private medical clinics. All polyclinics provide both free medical services on the basis of the available compulsory insurance policy, and paid. For example, a narrow specialist is not required to leave the patient's call, if there is only a MHI policy, a general practitioner will come to the call. If the patient is willing to pay, a doctor of any specialty can leave the clinic and provide services that can be provided at home.


Unfortunately, it is only possible to call a narrow specialist from the polyclinic on working days and hours, while private clinics provide medical services at any time.


To call a doctor at home for a fee, enoughCall the phone number of any private clinic, call your home address and explain which specialist you need to send. If the patient can not determine which doctor he needs, a general practitioner will visit him, examine the patient and recommend this or that specialist on walking.

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