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How to change the PIN

How to change the PIN-code

To restrict third-party access to your SIM card, you can assign a PIN lock on to it.

The default PIN-code set by the operator, but the user can always change it if necessary.

You will need

  • Cell phone sim card.



Initially, you need to make sure that the above statement PIN-code working. To do this, the phone lock setting for the PIN. Open the main menu of your mobile phone, and then, go to the settings ( "Options" or "Options"). In this section, you need to find the item "Security Settings" and go to him. Here you will see the menu "Set PIN».


Go to this menu and enter a valid PINcode. If you do not know, you can watch it on a plastic card, which initially serves as a case for a SIM card. After you type code, Save the settings. Remove the SIM card from your cell phone and try to use it on another mobile phone. When powered on, the device will require input PIN-codeand therefore the pin functions introduced earlier. Remove the SIM card and insert it into your phone.


Now you need to re-open the main menucell phone. There are also go to the "Security Settings" section. Further steps will be slightly different from the previous ones. To start, you need to turn off the phone request PIN-codea. This can be done in the pin setup menu. After the request codebut it will be turned off, you can change the PIN. To do this, open the "Change PIN» section, which will be in the security settings menu. Enter the old codeThen, assign a new PIN. Thus, you can change code. On some phones actions may differ slightly from the steps described above. In general, the procedure for changing the personal codeand sim card looks similar to any phone, only the name of the menu may vary.

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