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How to change your PIN


How to change your PIN</a>

To restrict third-party access to your SIM card, you can assign a PIN lock for it.

By default, the PIN code is set by the operator, but the subscriber can always change it if necessary.

You will need

  • Cell phone, sim card.



Initially, you need to make sure that the operator's PIN-code working. To do this, set the phone to lock the PIN. Open the main menu of your mobile phone, then go to the settings section ("Settings" or "Options"). In this section you need to find the "Security Settings" item and go to it. Here you will see the "Set PIN" menu.


Go to this menu and enter the current pin-code. If you do not know it, you can look at it on a plastic card, which initially acts as a case for a sim card. After you enter code, Save the settings. Remove the SIM card from your cell phone and try to use it on another mobile phone. If you turn on the device, you will be asked to enter a PIN-codeBut, therefore, the previously introduced pin acts. Remove the SIM card and insert it into your phone.


Now you again need to open the main menuCell phone. Here also go to the "Security Settings" section. The further actions will be slightly different from the previous ones. First, you need to disable the PIN-codea. You can do this in the setup menu of the pin. After the request codeBut will be disabled, you can change the PIN. To do this, open the "Change PIN" section, which will be located in the security settings menu. Enter the old code, Then assign a new PIN. So, you can change code. On some phone models, the actions may differ slightly from those described above. In general, the procedure for changing personal codeAnd the sim card looks similar on any phone, only the menu names can differ.

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