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How to assure a copy of the document


How to assure a copy of the document</a>

A certified copy of the document may be required inA variety of circumstances: for example, in a bank when issuing a loan, they may require a copy of their passport-for a passport, you need a copy of the work book-for registration as unemployed? A copy of the dismissal order.

How to assure a copy of the document and who has the right to do it?



Most often issuance of certified copies of documentsProduces a notary. For a notarial certificate of fidelity, a copy must be addressed personally, while having an identification card with you (passport is the best). Certification of copies by proxy is possible only if the power of attorney specifically stipulates such authority, and it is issued in full compliance with the rules.


A number of requirements are also imposed on the originalsDocuments from which a copy is made. They should not have corrections and erasures, pencil notes, strikethroughs, and so on. A notary may also refuse to certify a copy if the seal on the document is erased or illegible. If you need to make a certified copy of a document containing several sheets? The copy sheets must necessarily be numbered and stitched.


The right to certify copies is also provided by enterprises andOrganization. So, you can apply for an assurance of a copy of the document to the organization that issued it. A copy in such cases is made on the organization's letterhead. A copy of the work book is certified in the personnel department of the company where you work.


If the copy is certified correctly, then it must beStand the seal of the organization, stamp or an inscription by hand? Copy is correct ?, and also the signature, last name, first name, patronymic and position of the person who has certified the document. If the copy is on several sheets and not stitched? Each sheet is certified.

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