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HOW certify a copy of the document

How to certify a copy of the document

A certified copy of the document may be required ina wide variety of circumstances: for example, a bank with a loan may require a copy of the passport for registration pasporta- need a copy of the labor knizhki- for registration as unemployed? copy of the order of dismissal.

How to certify a copy of the document and who has the right to do so?



Most often issuing certified copies of documentsIt produces a notary. For notarial testimony of fidelity copies of a person must apply in person, while having a valid identity document (preferably passport). Certification of copies of power of attorney is only possible if the power of attorney specifically authorized such powers, and it is designed in full compliance with the rules.


Also presented a number of claims and the originalsdocuments with which the copy is removed. They should not have erasures and corrections, records pencil, deletions, and so on. A notary may also refuse to certify copies when printing on paper erased or illegible. If you need to make a certified copy of a document containing a number of sheets? copy sheets must be numbered and stitched.


The right to certify copies are also enterprises andorganization. So, you can apply for certified copies of documents to the organization that issued it. In such cases, a copy is made on letterhead. A copy of the work book certified in the department of personnel, where you work.


If a copy certified correct, then it shouldstanding organization seal, stamp or label on your hands? true copy ?, as well as the signature, name, surname and title of the person who signed the document. If the copy on multiple sheets and stitched? certified by each sheet.

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