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How to call experts in court

How to call the experts in court

The final step of the forensic expert, this is the conclusion, which is sent to the court-appointed expert.

The present report may containinaccuracies, be biased, confusing for the participants of the trial and the judge. The conclusions of such a conclusion could adversely affect the outcome of the case are not in your favor.

For answers to your questions is necessary to the court to call an expert who carried out the investigation on the case.

You will need

  • Paper, pen, computer, printer, expert opinion.



In accordance with the Russianlaws governing civil, criminal, arbitration and procedural sphere, the court has the right to call an expert at the hearing. This procedural action takes place on the initiative of the court or at the request of the persons involved in the case. The expert is obliged to appear in court and give explanations and answers on the issues raised.


Do not rely on the fact that the court is mandatoryorder to invite experts to a meeting to discuss the conclusion presented to them. By virtue of the law expert for the court and not necessarily evaluated, as well as other evidence according to the rules established by the procedural codes.


Use the trial participant rightsprocess. Persons involved in the civil, criminal or arbitration trial are entitled to get acquainted with the case. Expert opinion in any way attached to the case file. In good time before the court hearing, make the necessary statements, copy, or remove to enter the camera.


Work through the document and tap the points thatcast doubt on that conclusion, the Court presented an objective and fair. On the eve of the court session clearly specify issues and prepare the hard facts of which will be apparent that the call in the expert judgment is necessary to obtain comprehensive and full clarification on the arisen doubts.


At the beginning of or during the trialPresent strong arguments to the court that the conclusions of the expert opinion are contradictory and unfounded. To convince the judge that the clarifications and additions to the expert help to assess it correctly and to use this evidence for a fair resolution of the dispute. Declare an oral or written petition to call an expert in court.

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