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HOW cast in bronze

How to cast in bronze

Bronzes were always dignified and appropriate gift in almost any situation.

Figurines made of bronze or bronze figurines - Present perfect for the business person as well as for her best friend.

Such souvenirs perfectly fit into any interior, thanks to the fact that the bronze hue is versatile for almost any color scheme.



And if such a gift made with their own hands, and even -He will no doubt be appreciated above all. All you need - it is the very bronze, a little knowledge of how to mold the shape of the metal, and simple manifestation of your imagination. Remember that bronze is an ideal material for casting a variety of works of art, as in the molten state fills even the smallest recess and forms.


To start make a sketch of your futureproduct, and then fabricate the wax shape on the sketch. Decide for yourself which way to create a wax form you use, how you will cast the figure and a system of metal casting use. All this requires some preparation, but in fact, not too difficult to perform.


Round shape with a runner system applyceramic mixture, which then goes on for several hours in a kiln at a temperature of 850 degrees. The oven baked molding the mixture and form a rigid heat-resistant form, while the wax is melted and formed a hollow space for subsequent metal fill. Only after this step to proceed pouring metal into a ceramic form.


Fill in the form of the metal, wait for itfinally cool down, and break form. Remove the molded product. After that, clean the product from the molding sand, cut it off from the gating system and proceed to the artistic treatment. At this stage it passes grinding, stamping and other operations, which restore the original, that is conceived by the author, the kind figurines.


Finally, perform a chemical treatmentbronze model. To do this, cover it with an acidic solution - the patina. It gives the product a shimmering shine and protects the metal from natural oxidation process. In addition, the patina can be of different colors. In connection with this, you can create a totally unique and exclusive product.

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