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HOW carve slippers

How to carve slippers

Sew or tie the original house slippers can be any hostess. Material for them certainly there in the closet.

The business suit beautiful, but small pieces of thick fabric, old shoes, thread remnants. You can use advanced materials like Paraple or penofol.

But in any case it is required pattern.

It can also make your own.

You will need

  • - tape measure-
  • - paper-
  • - Piece kartona-
  • - millimetrovka-
  • - Pencil.



For the pattern of the sole foot circle. Put it on a piece of cardboard and draw a pencil strictly on the circuit. Pencil keep upright, otherwise get an error. Most people have little legs of different sizes, so the circle both. Cut out the patterns, add them together, aligning the heel, and select more.


On this templates make the pattern. Home slippers should be free. Turn on graph paper sole contour, each side adding 0.5 - 1 cm, depending on the style. If you want to make a soft sheepskin slippers (like those that adorn the muzzles of animals), add a little more. Fine leather slippers, cloth of, say, or upholstery fabric kroyatsya almost on foot with minimum increments. Pattern soles build anyway. Even if you are going to use the old soles, you need insoles, which are made on the same patterns.


To the top of the pattern, measure the distance from the end ofthumb up to the convex point rise. On a sheet of graph paper put it away and put the points A and B on the sole mark the end of the thumb, from which you measured the distance and mark the point as A1.Nalozhite on graph paper the pattern of the sole, combining A and A1. Circle the contour of the nose to the point where it will end with the upper hand. Put the point C and D. Connect them to a point B with straight lines.


Measure the distance from the leg to the point Balleged points C and D. Both segment will get more than the already existing patterns. So it should be. Aside from the point B, these dimensions on the lines BV and BG and continue them at the right distance. Put points B1 and D1.


Connect the B1 point A and G1 smooth line. Points B1, B, and connect the arc G1, the convex part of which is directed towards the toe. Trace and cut out the template.


Before you cut out the fabric, count,how many pieces of each type you need. It depends on the style of slippers and the material from which you are going to sew. Slippers made of cloth soles need 4 parts, 2 soles (kroyatsya the pattern on the sole, but without allowances), 2 parts gaskets, details of the top 4. Do not forget that slippers should be symmetrical.

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