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HOW carry vista

How to carry vista

Many users, buying a personal computer or a laptop of your dreams, faced with the problem? it was originally installed Vista, which is not very convenient to work with.

You can certainly get used to this version, but you can reinstall the program shell.



To get started, save all your files and software installed on your computer, on a portable hard drive, or use the CD.


Then write down the names of computer codesdevices. To do this, go to the menu? Start ?, located in the lower left corner of the screen. Select the tab? Setup ?,? System ?,? Device Manager ?. In the list that appears, right-click on the first device, select the tab? Properties ?,? Details ?.


Rewrite on a separate piece of code instancedevice consisting of numbers and symbols. This operation should be done with each device that will help you later to easily install the necessary drivers to work.


Then select the software system, which youYou want to use instead of Vista. Be sure to check the disc? not working or damaged product will give you a hassle and take a lot of time to find and install a working version.


Insert the boot disc into yourreading drive and restart the computer. With the help of buttons? Ess? on the PC and enter the BIOS to change the window? The first device for the treatment? ?Winchester? in the? device for reading CDs ?. Laptops automatically turn primarily to compact discs.


Once again, restart the computer, if you have to change settings in the BIOS, and wait for the data read from the boot disk.


Next, the system will prompt you to the next steps. First you need to format the hard drive of your computer, and then break it down into segments according to the new chosen values, creating a conditional disks? C? and? D ?. Formatting must be done in order to fully remove Vista from your computer: Some files and registry manually is not possible to carry through special programs.


Install the new software shell usingprompts the system to disk? s ?. Waiting for the download is complete, enter the tab? Device Manager? and check that all defined devices and working properly. In case of unknown or improperly working device, check on previously harvested information leaflets of their codes.


With the help of the Internet or CDs with driversfind missing drivers for your device. There are special sites to automatically determine the correct device name and driver for him to enact a separate window code device instance. Be sure to check that the drivers can work it under your version of the software system.


Now your computer is ready for further work. Transfer to disk? D? All the information you need stored on separate media and with pleasure proceed. Necessary drivers are stored on the disk as well? D? in a separate folder. This will help you in the future, if necessary, do not waste time on them to find and install.

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