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How to demolish a vista


How to demolish a vista</a>

Many users, having bought a personal computer or laptop of their dreams, face a problem? It is initially installed Vista, which is not very convenient for work.

You can, of course, get used to this version, and you can reinstall the software shell.



First, save all your files and software products installed on your computer to a portable hard drive or use compact discs.


Then rewrite the computer name codesDevices. To do this, go to the "Start" menu, located in the lower left corner of the screen. Select the? Settings ?,? System ?,? Device Manager? Tab. In the list that appears, right-click the first device, select the? Properties ?,? Information? Tab.


Copy the instance code to a separate sheetDevice consisting of numbers and symbols. This operation needs to be done with each device, which will help you to easily install the necessary drivers for the job.


Then select the software system you are using.Want to use instead of Vista. Be sure to check the disc? Not working or a spoiled product will give you trouble, and it will take a long time to find and install a working version.


Insert the startup disk into the device forRead the disks and reboot the computer. Use the? Esc? On your personal computer, go into BIOS and change in the window? The first device to handle? ?Winchester? On? Device for reading disks ?. Laptops automatically turn first to compact disks.


Restart the computer again if you have to change the settings in the BIOS, and wait for the data to be read from the boot disk.


Then the system itself will tell you the next steps. First, you need to format the hard disk of your computer, then split it into new segments into segments of the value you chose, creating conditional drives? C? And? D ?. Formatting must be done in order to completely remove Vista from the computer: some files and registers by hand using special programs can not be demolished.


Install the new software shell usingSystem prompts, to drive? C ?. After the download is complete, go to the tab "Device Manager"? And check to see if all devices are detected and working correctly. In the case of unknown or malfunctioning devices, mark on the previously prepared sheet of information with their codes.


Using the Internet or drivers CDsFind the missing drivers for the desired devices. There are special sites that automatically determine the device name and the driver required for it by the device instance code entered in a separate window. Be sure to check that the drivers can work under your version of the software system.


Your computer is now ready for further operation. Transfer to disk? D? All the information you need stored on a separate carrier, and with pleasure, proceed. Do you need to keep the necessary drivers on the disk? D? In a separate folder. This will help you in the future, if necessary, do not waste time on their search and installation.

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