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How to move the car from Moscow

If you have purchased a car in Moscow, and you need to move it to a different region of the country, you should contact a company that specializes in such services.

Specialized transport and experienced employees who know how to safely and easily transport your car from Moscow, do the job and in time.



Discover the activities of companies involved in the transport of cars, based on information from the press, the Internet, and friends and acquaintances awareness.


Pick a company that, in your opinion, is the most reliable and professional.


Make two copies of the deed ofreception and transmission of the vehicle, one of which you pick yourself, and the second - will forwarder & nbsp- organization carrier. When completing the certificate will make a careful inspection with the driver of the car to avoid the emergence of unjustified claims.


Attach to the act of a detailed inventory of the vehicle based on the completeness of all details.


Write authorization to the organization, engaged in transportation of your vehicle, which, together with the list and the act will require the driver for bringing in transit regulatory authorities.


Wash the car, chargebattery, charge not less than five liters of fuel in it. With the vehicle on the platform, & nbsp- protect the seat, covering them with special materials, turn off the car alarm, remove the antenna, side mirrors and roof rack.


Set the suspension to "transport", put the lever in the position of the first speed (for automatic transmissions - in position P), apply the parking brake.


Check the attachment to the vehicleauto transporter. Must be at least two fastening straps and two blocks. Make sure that the distance between the cars transported was not less than 20 centimeters.


Arrange the accompanying certificate. Payment delivery vehicle.


Carefully check the car delivered to you. Make a delivery driver act of surrender-acceptance. In the event of a claim, call the appropriate specialists and & nbsp- constitutes an act. This act in the future will serve as the basis for a claim to the carrier.

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