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How can I write off losses?


How can I write off losses?</a>

Losses - payment for mistakes in business.

As entrepreneurial activity is subject to risk by definition, business can not be avoided without losses.

How can write-off losses?



Redundancy is an extreme measure to whichShould be resorted to in a critical situation. There are dozens of ways to overcome the crisis with dignity. If you manage to save jobs, people will pay you loyalty, support and activity.


Losses of the enterprise can be written off within 10years. If your company incurred a major loss in 2012, it can be entered into the tax statement before 2022. In addition, the amount of loss to be written off for the year can not exceed the total income tax base. This means that if you incurred a loss of 20,000 rubles in 2012, and your income tax for 2013 was 17,000 rubles, then you can only compensate 17,000 rubles for losses, leaving the tax base equal to zero.


Submit to tax write-offLosses. Attach to it copies of the primary documentation on the factors that affected the unprofitability of the enterprise. Note that these are not tax receipts and balance sheets, but actual checks, bills and bank requirements. From the availability of these documents on your hands will depend on the writing-off of losses. Even after a full cancellation, the primary documentation must be retained for four years.


For organizations operating under the simplifiedThe taxation system is important only the amount of income less expenses. In the case of unprofitability, the entrepreneur has the right to completely "zero" the tax base. To do this, you will also need to provide tax primary financial documentation.


Combine write-off of losses with a profitable taxPolicy. You can contribute to the amount of tax deductions charitable program, scholarships for universities, payment of training for their employees. So you can increase the prestige of your company and increase its competitiveness at the expense of money that would go to taxes and fees.

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