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How you can engage guests during a wedding photo session


How you can engage guests during a wedding photo session</a>

After registering the marriage, the newlyweds usually go to a wedding photo session.

Where do guests go in this case? There are two options.

The first - for guests in the restaurant ordered buffet, where they can have a snack, chat, get to know each other.

Second - the guests go all crowd together with the newlyweds.

And then you should think in advance how to organize everything so that everyone is satisfied, full and cheerful, and at the same time they decorate your wedding photos with your presence.



You need to take care of music, because without itGuests will be bored waiting for the newlyweds from the photo session. Music can be heard from the car, or you can order a musician, for example, a saxophonist, who will play romantic melodies. Under such music can dance like a bride and groom (and then you get the most beautiful photos and videos, because you will have sincere smiles and happy eyes), and all the guests. You can even arrange a spontaneous flash mob, dancing at the camera lambada. This dance is familiar to many, you can only show the guests a couple of additional movements, turns and rehearse once - and everything, to your wedding archive has already been added flashmob video against the background of some beautiful park.


It's a wonderful idea to go all together to an amusement park. In this case, for sure, you will get positive and vivid photos on the slides, and very beautiful photos on the Ferris wheel.


Attributes, as without them. They perfectly complement the photo session and at the same time raise all the mood. And notice, here it is necessary to have assistants, that is, your guests. As attributes you can use: balls, various accessories (mustaches, hats, glasses, turntables), plates with different funny inscriptions, voluminous letters from which you can make words, garlands of paper or ribbons.
Bright and funny pictures are obtained if you takeWith a rope. It can be a strong rope, decorated with ribbons and flowers. You need two people who will skip the rope, and the rest at this moment can safely jump and pose on the camera.


Remember how long you played a trickle, probably. In a deep childhood. But this game is great for young people, it can bring people close to each other, raise the mood and decorate your photo session with interesting staff


Allow all guests to remember their student years. Be zabeytes big crowd in the tram, and wave from the windows of the photographer, let him capture it.

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