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How can I improve the poor quality of phone photos


How can I improve the poor quality of phone photos</a>

Do you know the situation when an excellent shot came directly from the phone, and you would like to bring it into a "divine" look?

Or, perhaps, on vacation you let a camera, and the whole vacation was captured by a regular phone?

Do not get upset in such situations, because there are a lot of ways to improve the quality of photos.

Use one of these tips, and you will be surprised at the result.



Contact the photo studio. This method is probably the most expensive, but the most effective: for a small fee with your photos a miracle will be made - they will not only be enlarged in size, but also added colors, brightness and remove defects. Depending on who you contact, the price may be different, but in an ordinary photo studio retouching will be conducted at least qualitatively and at an acceptable price.


Install one of the corrector programs thatEasy to find on the Internet or buy in a specialized store. For example, all known photoshop will easily increase the size, increase the number of pixels, adjust the colors and work fine with the shadows. Such programs will easily create miracles with your photos.


Search with the help of the search engineSites-spotters, unlike programs, sites do not ask to install, download or pay for anything. The main thing is that you do not need to learn how to work with sites, unlike the program. From you only need to upload a photo to the site buffer, process it according to your desire, and at the output you will get the desired result without any load.


Use special telephoto lenses if you need to take a picture again with Phone. Online stores, and many staticCenters ,. Video equipment vendors offer a wide range of flashes and lenses for cell phones. With the help of them, you can easily turn a regular phone into a semi-professional camera.

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