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How can I improve poor quality phone photos

How can I improve poor quality phone photos

Are you familiar with the situation when the perfect shot turned right from your phone, and you want to bring him into the "divine" form?

Or perhaps, on vacation you down the camera, and the entire vacation was captured regular phone?

Do not be upset in these situations, as there are a myriad of ways to improve the quality of photos.

Use one of the following tips and you will be surprised result.



Contact the studio. This method is probably the most expensive but most effective: for a small fee with your photos will make a miracle - they will not only increase in size, but also will add color, brightness, and will remove the defects. Depending on whom you ask, the price may be different, but in the usual photo studio retouch spend at least efficiently and at affordable rates.


Install one of the programs correctors thateasy to find on the Internet or buy in a specialty store. For example, a well-known Photoshop easily increase the size, increase the number of pixels, to adjust colors and will work perfectly with the shadows. Such programs can easily do wonders with your photographs.


Search using the search enginesites-spotters, as opposed to programs, websites do not ask for anything to install, download or pay. The main thing is that a work and study sites in contrast to the program is not necessary. From you only need to upload a photo to the site buffer to process your request, and at the output you will get the desired result without any load.


Use special lenses for camera phones, if the picture need to do again phone. Internet shops, and many staticcenters ,. selling video equipment offering a wide range of flash units and lenses for cell phones. With them, you can easily turn an ordinary phone into semi-professional camera.

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