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How can I calculate the addict

How can I calculate the addict

Addicts do not boast of their problem, even the closest people.

Sometimes the news of this severe illness becomes a complete surprise.

How can you determine that your friend or relative has appeared addiction?


Leather addict becomes pale, pupils contracted or expanded, on the hands can be seen traces of injections, in his movements awkward note.

Unusual items

Zakopchёnnye mugs, teaspoons, where they do notplace, syringes, tubes, paper or money, card, plastic bottles filled with seasoned web holes, strange tablet with drawings of crocodiles, elephants, etc. Suspiciously, and frequent use of eye drops. Fans of marijuana thus conceal redness of the eye.


Aggression, insomnia, mood swings, frequentheadache, inability to concentrate, confusion, frequent lies, stretching money, loss of valuables from the house. The addict is gradually losing interest in their former occupations and friends late into the night disappears with new acquaintances, about whom spoke reluctantly.

In words

However, drug addiction appears and the newstrange jargon. These words, taken out of the normal context should alert you: wheels, ship, screw, bun, gloomy, gerych, blow, dryer, brand, acid, snow, crack, grass, gashik, cones.

Do you have doubts? Persuade the suspect to make a drug test, which is sold in all pharmacies. If the fears were justified, go search for the rehabilitation center, gather as much information about addiction and try to convince a loved one in need of treatment.

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