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WHAT can whiten face

What can whiten face

Unhealthy lifestyle, diseases of internal organs, poor-quality cosmetics - all this has a negative effect on the skin: it may acquire a yellowish or grayish shade.

Fortunately, a person can whiten the skin, and will once again become healthy and beautiful.

Bleaching lotions and washing

Excellent whiten skin congee. It is prepared from these ingredients:
- 1 tbsp risa-
- Water.
Rice poured a little water, putthe mixture on fire, bring to a boil and slow down the heat to low, cook for 5-7 minutes. After the slurry is filtered through several layers of folded cheesecloth. The broth is cooled, poured into cups and freeze. This ice wipe your face, including the area around the eyes before going to bed, and then applied to the skin moisturizer. These cubes are stored in the refrigerator no longer than 3 days.
Similarly, whitening effect hasgrapefruit juice. Cleansed face rubbed slices of grapefruit (you can put on your skin grapefruit juice or rub face frozen grapefruit juice).
Whitening effect has yogurt. The procedure is as follows: with a cotton swab is applied to the fermented milk product to clean skin and leave a mask on 18-20 minutes. Such whitening procedure should be done twice a day, a week later the person will become lighter and get healthy color.

Skin Lightening with special cosmetic mixtures

Lemon and honey mask perfectly brightens the skin, eliminating the age spots and freckles. The recipe of this mixture is as follows:
- lemon juice-
- 2-2.5 tbsp honey.
bee product is mixed with lemon juice. Then this mixture is impregnated with a cloth and put it on the face. The duration of this procedure is 5-7 minutes, and the recommended frequency of execution - two or three times a week. Mask wash off with cool water. If the skin is dry, after such a procedure is recommended to cover the face cream or nourishing cream.
It is also possible to prepare the whitening cosmetic mixture of the following ingredients:
- 8-10 g sahara-
- Lemon middle razmerov-
- Protein chicken yaytsa-
- 10 ml of water.
Whipped protein foam in the light mixed with sugar,water and lemon juice. The weight is applied to cleansed face and leave for 27-30 minutes. Wash the mixture with cool water and cover the skin with a nourishing cream. A full course of 6-7 treatments, which should perform the next day.
In addition, the wonderful whitens skinappetizing strawberry mask. To do this, take a few ripe berries, mash them with a fork and put gruel on cleansed face. Leave the mixture for 13-15 minutes, then wash off with cool water. The same effect has a mask melon (melon pulp is crushed and put on face for 15 minutes).

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