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As they contain breeding aquarium frogs

aquatic frogs

Aquatic frogs have several functions - an original ornamental decoration and means for water disinfection.

There are special kinds of frogs, intended for keeping and breeding in aquariums, but settle down at home and are the usual fire-bellied toads river.

The content of the aquarium frogs

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Most aquarium frogs unpretentious and notrequire special conditions of detention. Even in a small aquarium can be kept 2-3 individuals simultaneously. The main thing you should pay attention - this is the ground and the selection of specific aquatic plants.

Optimal variant tank fillingare river gravel or granite chippings. The fact that frogs love to dig holes and hide in them, so the use of other species for the aquarium soil can result in significant water pollution. These types of, for example, include river sand, which use is not recommended.

In the aquarium, frogs can live up to 15 years. The main condition is the content of care and proper feeding of aquatic inhabitants.

Plants for aquarium, which is home to frogmust be chosen with special care. Green vegetation should have a fairly large leaves and extensive root system. Otherwise, nimble inhabitants of the aquarium are undermining plants. Grounds of all vegetation should be obkladyvat large stones.

Aquatic frogs are badtemperature changes, so if you change the water, try to make it significantly different from the old. In addition, only defended fluid recommended for filling the aquarium.

Do not forget that the frog - it amphibianscreatures, so the air for them is no less important than the water. In aquariums with frogs need to be placed on the surface of the water a few pieces of foam that if you want a reptile could have a rest from the water element.

Eating frogs

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The most favorite food for aquarium frogs - bloodworms, karetra and worms. This species of amphibians are carnivores, so occasionally you can treat frogs pieces of fish or chicken.

can not overfeed the aquarium frogs anycircumstances. From the constant saturation they develop serious liver disease that can lead to death. Particular caution should be exercised with such a variety of food as tubifex. Giving this food is recommended several times a week, such as worms, are not suitable for daily use.

Some species of aquatic frogs,such as Pipa, can eat fish, living with them in the neighborhood. That is why these types of frogs is best kept in separate tanks. Other species of amphibians absolutely no interest in the water inhabitants, who live with them.

Breeding aquarium frogs

Reproduction of frogs in the aquarium does not cause any difficulties. reptiles Females lay eggs that fertilized within a few days.

During mating season, the male on the legs appear bright black stripes. This frog begin to make sounds that resemble arrows ticking clock.

Tadpoles can vary their behavior andappearance. They can swim upside down, spend most of their time on the water surface and not on the bottom of the aquarium. Some of them can be seen fairly long antennae. They feed on small creatures mainly algae, but it is recommended in addition to feed them chopped spinach and lettuce.
Gradually the tadpoles turn into smallfrogs, but with a tail. During this time, reptile food varies. The frogs begin to eat food intended for fish, as well as a special interest in Daphne, who are their favorite food.

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