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What can inflate balls at home

The balloons can be inflated at home

Inflate balloons at home, you can use homemade hydrogen plant.

For its production need a bottle, copper sulfate, a salt, a syringe, tube and copper and aluminum wire.

Balloons are an invariable attributeholiday, but what if you have to cheat a large number of balls and balloons with helium is not? No problem. You can get your own hydrogen, without even leaving home. This will require a simple plastic bottle, syringe, tube, natural cork, copper sulfate, copper wire, aluminum wire, and preferably aluminum foil, sealant, salt and actually own balloons.
; As a substitute or aluminum wireFoil can be used aluminum cans, the only condition - you need to clean the inside surface of the paint and a protective polymer layer. And yet - all the work is best done wearing protective gloves and glasses.

Stages build hydrogen plant

; The bottle cap is necessary to drill two holes: one under the hose, another a syringe. For better securing the syringe tip on it and one of the holes on the lid is desirable to make the threads. Pin to make a hole syringe and hose and place their joints fluff sealant. On the free end of the hose to put the cork - it will provide a ball mount. To attach the syringe plunger should be made of copper wire, a place where the same process the sealant. Attached to the free end of the wire tie wire is required or crumpled aluminum foil. The piston will ensure free movement of the aluminum reactant in the bottle.
; Slipping agent in aluminum bottle and closingthe cover can be prepared ready hydrogen plant. To start its operation with the lid of the bottle with an aluminum reagent must be removed and the bottle to fill bluestone and table salt in the ratio of 1: 1. Cover with water and wait until the mixture is completely dissolved. The contents of the bottles need cold, for this it is possible to put in a bowl with cold water. On the tube, fixed to the end of the hose, put on a balloon, after the aluminum need to be immersed in a solution of vitriol and salt and screw the cover.

How is the process of inflating the ball

; Reaction followed immediately: generated hydrogen will fill the ball. With the dissolution of aluminum oxide film, and heating the reaction solution will only accelerate. In the case of too rapid release of hydrogen can be removed from the aluminum solution by pulling the plunger of the syringe. Pulls the balloon directly on the neck of the bottle is strictly prohibited! These balls can be left in the form in which they have, and you can stick round their white or black bags and attach the LED and run the ball in the dark.

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