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How can I watch satellite TV

How can I watch satellite TV

Despite the active struggle for the viewer, the central television channels, usually it is in the rare hours of rest, as a rule, it is practically impossible to choose something interesting or informative.

If you also also a resident of a small town, and the channel selection is limited to 6-7, and in some regions altogether 1-2.

How to be?

Select and install a satellite dish!



Select a satellite dish, given the magnitude ofparabolic mirror, and the purchasing power of the purse. With each addition to the diameter of the plate increases the cost thereof centimeters and installation costs.


The most durable and least long-livedconsidered antenna, made of steel, they are also the most profitable in the ratio of price and quality. If you can afford Bole expensive and high-quality option? Select a plate of aluminum.
Mesh or plastic antenna can not stand under the influence of winds, so keep in mind the degree of openness of the satellite dish common in your area gusty airflow.


Ask the reception quality of the selectedantenna. There are so many options is: offset or direct focal. The first is more convenient to install, since it does not require a strong inclination is less plagued by natural phenomena, as well as currency to such an antenna does not create interference with the signal reception. When direct focal reception quality of the signal depends on the diameter of the plate.


Select appropriate for your area, satellite. Swivel Antenna option should only be selected if you want to watch channels not one but several satellites. This option will affect the cost of a satellite dish.


Think about that the rotary mechanisms cancapricious in the cold, and that they should be protected from rain and snow, and then install the antenna under the canopy? Signal quality decreases. With its standard metal bracket. It is enough to install a few converters that without changing the position of plates, to receive signals from several satellites. Invest in a special device, the switching converters.


Connect the satellite dish to the TV,using a conventional cable with a resistance of about 75 ohms. Between the antenna and the TV set, as mentioned above, connect the receiver, use a standard line input.


Check out the equipment and channels,offered by licensed vendors. Buy a card for viewing of channels at any of the satellite TV providers. Book mounting plates and connection hardware are also specialists, do not skimp on quality.


Enjoy a huge variety of TV shows available to you from the moment of installation and connection of a satellite dish.

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