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How can I view satellite channels


How can I view satellite channels</a>

Despite the active struggle for the viewer, it is usually at rare hours of rest on the central television channels, as a rule, it is almost impossible to choose something interesting or cognitive.

If you are also a resident of a small town, the choice of channels is limited to 6-7, and in some regions it is 1-2.

How to be?

Select and install the satellite dish!



Select the satellite dish, taking into account theParabolic mirror, and the purchasing power of your wallet. With each added to the diameter of a centimeter dish, the cost of this and the cost of installation work increases.


The most durable and least long-livedAre considered antennas made of steel, they are the most profitable at a price-quality ratio. If you can afford a more expensive and quality option? Choose a plate of aluminum.
Mesh or plastic antennas can not withstand the influence of winds, so consider the degree of openness of the satellite dish is frequent in your area gusty streams of air.


Ask the quality of the selectedAntennas. There are not so many variants here: offset or direct focus. The first is more convenient for installation, since it does not require a strong inclination, it suffers less from natural phenomena, and the converter on such an antenna does not interfere with the reception of the signal. With direct focus reception, the signal quality depends on the diameter of the dish.


Select a satellite suitable for your locality. The rotary version of the antenna should be selected only if you want to watch channels not from one but several satellites. This option will also affect the cost of the satellite dish.


Think about the fact that rotary mechanisms canTo be capricious in the cold, and that they should be protected from rain and snow, which means installing the antenna under a canopy? The signal quality will decrease. Stop your choice on a standard metal mount. It is enough to install several converters to receive signals from several satellites without changing the position of the dish. Spend on a special device that switches converters.


Connect the satellite dish to the TV,Using a conventional cable with a resistance of about 75 ohms. Between the antenna and the TV, as already mentioned above, connect the receiver, use the usual line input.


See the equipment and channels,Offered by licensed sellers. Buy a card to watch the channels from any of the satellite TV providers. Order installation of plates and connection of equipment also with specialists, do not save on quality.


Enjoy a huge variety of TV shows available to you from the moment you install and connect a satellite dish.

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