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Peacock feathers

Peacock feathers can be used as wedding paraphernalia, and home decor.

Since ancient times this bird feathers were used in magical rites for omens and guidance "evil eye."

Peacock feathers since ancient times attracted by its beauty. Medieval ladies decorated their hats, and the "witches" and "wizards" are used in their magic rites. In many countries, the peacock was considered a divine and immortal bird. He personified the pride, beauty, courage and wisdom.

As this attribute is used for weddings and home decoration

Many of today's brides and grooms plantheir wedding in the style of "Peacock Feather" using pattern with a luxurious tail of this bird as a decoration of the walls of the hall, tables, wedding dress, hairstyles, and even cake. Originally will look nontrivial and invitation card, made on paper, decorated with a peacock feather. You can order the appropriate signature glasses and cups, candlesticks, indicating the table number. The image of the groom must also meet the peacock theme. The ideal solution would be to tie peacock colors or small feather pinned to the lapel of his jacket.
Original creative people do not toleratestandards and routine, often decorate your home in style peacock. In this case, it is not necessary in each corner to put the vase in the feathers of this bird, you can find wallpaper with a corresponding pattern or choose a coloring for furniture and accessories: cushions, bedding, lamps, paintings and so on.
If the landlord wants to arrange their accommodation onFeng Shui, it is necessary to know that in this doctrine peacock used to activate the area of ​​career and fame. Therefore, those who dream of a career development, it is necessary to take care of the acquisition of Peacock figures and put it in the career area. And if in the first place are the fame, recognition and honors, the bird should be placed in the sector of Fame. And no matter what material figure will be done: made of gold or of clay and paper, the effect will be the same.

As the feathers of this bird are used in magic

The magic peacock feathers are also used verywide. With their help, we bewitch and inflicts damage. Many believed that the drawing in the form of the eye was the personification of the evil eye - that is all so afraid of. But this property is currently become interpreted in another way: it is believed that attached to clothing peacock feather takes away "the evil eye", protects the person who wears it. Maybe that's why weddings have become so popular in this style: as the newlyweds are protected from envious. In any case, if there was a desire to buy peacock feathers, you need to choose those with a more contoured pattern and a larger range of iridescent colors, and most importantly - to be taken from live birds. Keep a stuffed peacock in the house is not recommended.

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