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How do I know which cartridges are suitable for the printer

color cartridges with the number

To find out which cartridge is suitable for your printer, you should read the information on the face of the box with a cartridge in the store. There is a list of printer names to which he can go.

But first you need to know the number of your cartridge.

The question of the replacement cartridge sooner or later risesprior to each owner of the printer. Most of them are sent to the store, knowing only the name of your printer, but not having any idea about the name and number of the cartridge, and it is this information and asked the first thing the seller. How not to be trapped and to get exactly what you need?

How to choose

; Choosing cartridge first be studiedthe instructions in your printer and MFP. The manual contains the information about the consumables that can be used with this model. Printer manufacturers give recommendations to buy original cartridges that ensure optimal print mode and there is no risk that the device will eventually fail. However, the original cartridge is expensive, it is much cheaper to buy a compatible cartridge is. And there is a risk of running into fake or restored cartridge.

How to determine which cartridge suit

; If the buyer knows the name of your printer,it will be easier to navigate, because the box with cartridge often specify for which he specifically suitable printers. This information is usually printed on the package end. Do not be surprised that the same cartridge can go up to several models of printers, a printer can be finished and go under a different name. If the printer name the buyer does not remember, he'll have to go home and open the device to see the number on the cartridge. Such information is usually hard to confuse with anything else, it is large and immediately "catches the eye".
; If the printer is a color, then all the more necessaryto know the number of the cartridge, because for each there is a certain color cartridge with your number. In order not to waste time on trial with the seller, you need to take care of it and go to the store with a prepared cartridge number, written on paper. If you know the cartridge number is not possible, do not rush out and buy this device for printing, since it is not refundable. You can try to find the right information at the official website of the manufacturer, visit the printer information in the section "Supplies and Accessories." Sometimes it is not printing refilled cartridge can be restored, however, the price for this service is comparable to the price of a new cartridge.

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