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Simple glasses for 3D

Modern three-dimensional technology dazzling. But it is not necessary to view 3D movie-going to the cinema.

It is possible to enjoy the technological art and at home.

Organize home watching three-dimensional filmsYou can, but it is necessary to observe a number of conditions: a sufficient size of the TV, the presence of special glasses or other auxiliary equipment. And, of course, required film itself.

home Cinema

The easiest option, which can be calledbudget, is to simply use a computer and special glasses. With these devices, special software can obtain three-dimensional illusion.

Get in the home can not be a full 3D, but actually achieve impressive illusion.

In this case, it turns out not present 3D, and socalled anaglyph. In it for the left and the right eye image is displayed in a separate color - blue and red. And here are the glasses just need home - with colored glass.
For a more complete impression of a true 3DIt needs something more serious. Alternatively, a special monitor with support for the appropriate mode, or - the best option - the purchase of 3D-TV. Here what matters is how much you are willing to invest.
For example, 3D can be divided into active andpassive. In the first case, it is called "the gate method." It is based on human physiology. In humans, there is a kind of persistence of vision, which is used to display a TV-movie. The images are displayed for the left and right eye alternately. There is already a need fancy goggles with his power and gate.
The advantage of the method in the obvious - completeHD-image for each eye. However, when displaying the image it lost its brightness can be crosstalk or increased eye fatigue. And these glasses are expensive.
Passive 3D - is a polarization method, withwhich is present on the screen once the image for both eyes. With the help of special filters "outsider" image is removed. That is, one video stream comprises essentially two images to each eye. In this way, the eyes do not get tired longer glasses are cheaper, but the picture resolution is much worse.

Needless to acquire 3D-TV

Many people after watching the famous film"Avatar" have decided that it is time to buy a TV with 3D. However, after several experiments with upstart function, they no longer apply to it. This happened because the man from the TV more often just want to rest and entertainment.

If you are not ready to pay more for the three-dimensionality when buying the TV, better from time to time to go to the cinema.

Good of 3D-films are not so much to especially after a busy day, spend time and strain your eyes, peering through the 3D-glasses. So you should think twice before you focus on fashion.

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