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How to remove the pop-up banners

How to remove the pop-up banners

Banner captivated an online.

And there is, perhaps, not a single site that does not contain this advertising. Banners float regardless of whether you want it or not, which greatly hampered the work on the Internet.

In addition, they take a lot of time and attention is constantly distracted by irritating the brain.

To get rid of this scourge is very simple, if you know how to properly set up your browser and firewall.



First of all be engaged in setting up the anti-virus. Virtually every antivirus program destination have the opportunity to enable or disable Anti-Banner. Turn it on. With the help of the settings you set the desired configuration. The inclusion of heuristic analysis is very useful, although it can affect the speed. Additionally, you can create lists of blocked and allowed addresses. Thus, you can adjust the anti-banner individually to your needs and requirements.


If you do not have anti-virus or it does not containfunction anti-banner, download, or buy one of the offered programs: Adblok Plus, admuncher, Adguard or look for something like that. Each of them allows you to get rid of annoying banners and advertising.


Just good help browser setting. You can block all banners, open them in the background or opened only by you requested pop-ups. YOU select the required settings and save them. Now, annoying pop-up banners will not interfere with your stay online.

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