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How to shoot Happy together


How to shoot Happy together</a>

TV sitcom "Happy Together" for the years of filming and broadcasting the next season has won a lot of fans.

Many of them are interested not only in watching the next episodes of a soapy family comedy, but also knowing how the films were shot, how the actors of the series and its creators worked behind the scenes.



Russian version of the comedy series "HappyTogether "came from the American sitcom" Married and with children. " All seasons were broadcast on TNT channel. The series in a humorous, uncomplicated form tells about everyday life and holidays of a simple family from Ekaterinburg, in which there are two main persons of Gene and Dasha Bukina and their children, Sveta and Roma Bukina. In the family lives a dog named Baron. Of course, the family has closest friends - Lena, Tolik (Lena's second husband) and Zhenya (Lena's first husband). All by the name of Poleno.


In the plot of the comedy "Happy Together" are introduced,Except for the main and secondary persons, new heroes. It should be noted that the television series does not have strict story lines and is removed in the image of the so-called comedy of changing positions. That is, each series of the sitcom does not depend on the previous or the subsequent one. Perhaps, that is why the series was broadcast on television randomly, the series followed not in order.


The first series of the series viewers saw in 2006. The last premiere sixth season of the film was broadcast on the TNT channel in 2013. In the first seasons the series was shot in the image and plots of the series of the American version. The last seasons were written according to their own Russian scenarios. Thanks to this fact, the filmmakers created intrigue, exactly how the plot of the next series will turn and what awaits the main characters of the series in the future.


After filming the last season, the actors who playedThe main roles in the series, opened some interesting moments of filming in various interviews with journalists. For example, red caviar, which often appeared on the festive and dining tables of various movie heroes, was not a sham. But not real, she was not red either. The actors who played the Bukin's admitted that soybean was so tasteless that they were sincerely glad that the family of the main characters in the story is not rich and can not afford the abundance of red caviar at dinner.


Favorite car "five" Genes Bukin (playedActor Victor Loginov) exists in reality. The car is quite real. And during the filming he was driven from one shooting pavilion to another by his own motion.


The actors of the series admit that practically allObjects and animals that appear in the frame, real, not sham. For example, shoes, which was sold in his store, Gene Bukin. Or fluffy rabbits, whom she brought home to please Tolya's husband, Lena Polenov.


Not many viewers know that initiallyInstead of the actress Natalia Bochkareva for the role of Dasha Bukina was planned to introduce Evelina Bledans. But the creators of the series decided that she was too famous for this role. In turn, Daria Sagalova, who played Sveta Bukin in the series, is six years younger than Natalia Bochkareva (her serial mom).

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