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How can I make drinks with mist effect

How to make original drinks with mist effect

Drinks on the surface where there is smoke, fog-like - a great way to surprise guests at the theme party, for example, on Halloween or in the Hawaiian style.

You will need

  • - dry ice-
  • - wineglass-
  • - solominka-
  • - Drink.



For the preparation of these drinks needdry ice, which is frozen carbon dioxide, the gas that we exhale, so it is harmless to the body, but it is not edible and used dry ice should only be to create an effect, but not for human consumption.


Dry ice can cause a burn, if you take itwith bare hands. If you want to use it in drinks, you just have to be careful and use tongs or wear gloves when handling this product.


Technology beverage preparation effectmist - is quite simple. At the bottom of the glass, place a small piece of dry ice. On top of it, pour some ice cubes usual. Then add any drink at will.


Serve with a straw cocktails to guestsaccidentally swallowing dry ice. Another way - put a piece of glass in a larger size and add a little warm water, and in a smaller glass to pour a drink and put it into the glass.

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