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How to make an original decor for the garden of unnecessary things

How to make an original decor for the garden of unnecessary things

From absolutely unnecessary things that are many in the country, make beautiful flower beds, retaining walls for plants and original decor for a garden plot.

Look, maybe you can find scrapped tires, a log or an old staircase.



If your site has old trees, and youthey want to cut, do not discard the stems and uprooted stumps. Of them can get excellent pots in a natural style, which is very welcome addition to any garden area. Hollow trunk middle, fill nutritious and loose soil. Landed in these pots annual flowers with shallow root system, such as marigolds, lobelia and petunia. They will bloom throughout the season.


Crafts from old tires become verypopular among the lovers of design hand-made. At the same time they make a bright and nice warm beds easily. It is enough to paint the tires in a different color, pour them a nutritious substrate and the bed is ready. Planted in their heat-loving plants: begonias, petunias, violas. In addition, they are suitable for growing perennials. And if you make a high flower beds, setting tires on one another, in such containers are perfectly grow and decorate the garden ampelnye flowers.


Surely in your cottage is an old staircase,which can no longer be used for its intended purpose. Why not turn it into a lovely rack of flowers and cute knick-knacks, so that decorate the garden? Next hang it to the wall of the house or barn, and attach with screws. Several steps can be replaced with wider shelves, on which you can place pots with plants. Another great idea - to attach to the stairs suspended baskets.

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