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How can I make a frame with his hands

How can I make a frame with his hands

Graceful frame for photographs, embroidery and paintings can be purchased at the gift shop or antique. But much more interesting to do this little thing with their own hands.

Perhaps the process so you like it, that will turn into a full-fledged hobby.

You will need

  • - Thick cardboard
  • - lineyka-
  • - karandash-
  • - Paper knife
  • - the cloth-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - Accessories otdelki-
  • - Ceiling baget-
  • - Adhesive pistolet-
  • - sintepon-
  • - germetik-
  • - shkurka-
  • - Paint and brush.



The most inexpensive way - to make the frame of thestrong cardboard. Determine the size of the future product. On a sheet of cardboard, draw a rectangle of the desired height and width. In the middle of the box to mark the pictures. Cardboard frame should not be too narrow.


Cut out a cardboard blank and obtyanitedecorative fabric - velvet, taffeta or cotton dense. Color and pattern of tissue is selected depending on the interior and nature photos. For example, children's photos and drawings can be printed, or to frame a fun checkered cloth suitable for romantic photo beautiful plush or satin. To frame turned the volume between the cardboard and cloth lay pieces syntepon.


Carve out a blank fabric slightly larger than itselfframe, at the corners make incisions. Firmly stretch the fabric and attach it with glue gun. Seams can be closed braid or lace. On top of the fabric, attach the beads, crystals, or small objects - shells, dried flowers, articles of mastic. From paper cut a rectangle the size of a photo or picture and attach it to the back of the frame so as to obtain a pocket open at the top. Insert it in the photo. To the frame can be hung on the wall in the upper part of paste fabricated metal loop.


Very nice look of the finished frameceiling moldings. This lightweight material well-cut and can be used for edging paintings, prints and photographs. Select the desired size and cut of the ceiling moldings pieces of appropriate length. Slice make an angle of 45 degrees. Fold the border of the baguette, and seal it with superglue. The gaps can be filled with a sealant, and then grind sandpaper to smooth the corners.


The final stage - painting frames. Use acrylic paint the desired shade - it is applied to a small brush in 2-3 layers. Another option - apply metallic paint from a container. You can simulate antique silver, gold and bronze in different shades. Such a framework perfectly fit into any decor - from classical to avant-garde.

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