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How to keep a goat


How to keep a goat</a>

Goat's milk is an indispensable source of health. So if you decide to start a goat in your farm, that's right.

However, goats need to be able to support, so that they are comfortable and they give good milk. One of the main rules - this animal does not like loneliness.

Therefore, it is better to start not a bottom, but several goats.



Arrange for the goats a warm and dry room. It should be sufficiently set and ventilated. Near this shed, make a paddock with a canopy so that the animals can go out for a walk when they want.

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When goats do not graze, they must be fed with hay andHumid forages - straw and chaff. The best hay is from legumes and grasses, which were mown during the flowering period and well preserved. Hay must be dry, but not too much. It should be less than 30% in the diet. Straw is best made of peas, lentils, beans, beans and spring cereals. It must be ground, steamed and calcined before giving to goats.

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You need to water goats twice a day, even if they do not stand in the stall, but graze on pasture. If the weather is cool and the grass is juicy, you can limit yourself to one. It is best to give water in the morning and in the afternoon.



To goat well, she must annuallyTo give offspring. For this, it is reduced to a goat in the period of want. A favorable period can be determined by secretions from under the tail, frequent bleating, loss of appetite. You can only cross with the goat that is not a close relative, otherwise the offspring will be weak.

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Milk Goats Should be clean and dry hands. Wool around the udder should be cut, the udder itself washed, wiped with a towel and massage. The first trickles of milk should be milked in a separate container, because they can contain bacteria.

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