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How can I keep the goat

How can I keep the goat

Goat's milk - an indispensable source of health. So if you decided to have a goat on his farm, it is correct.

However, the goats must be able to contain that they were comfortable and they gave good milk yield. One of the main rules - the animal does not like being alone.

Therefore it is better not to start a bottom, and a few goats.



Organize for goats warm and dry place. It should be enough Settle and have ventilation. Some of the shed do paddock with shelter, the animals could go there for a walk, when they want.

All of the goats: how to keep


When the goats do not graze, they should be fed with hay andGumen feed - straw and chaff. The best hay - of legumes and grasses, which are mowed during flowering and well preserved. Hay must be dry, but not too much. Its in the diet should be less than 30%. Straw best of peas, lentils, beans, kidney beans and spring cereals. It must be crushed, and calcined zaparivat before giving goats.

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Treat for goats should be twice a day, even if they do not stand in the stall and grazing in the pasture. If the weather is cool and juicy grass, can be limited to one time. It is best to give the water in the morning and afternoon.

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To goat doilas well, it must annuallyto produce offspring. To do this it in the will reduce the period of a goat. Favorable period can be determined by secretions from under the tail, frequent bleating, loss of appetite. Interbred only with the goat, who is not a close relative, or offspring will be weak.

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Milk goat It should be clean and dry hands. Wool around the udder should be cut out, very udder wash, wipe with a towel and massage. The first trickle of milk should be milked in a separate tank, because they may contain bacteria.

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