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How can I keep a rabbit at home

How can I keep a rabbit at home

Rabbit house - a warm, fluffy, beautiful pet, quite unpretentious in food, as well as an unusual pet, which will arouse the interest of the guests.

Of course, every coin has two sides, and with his rabbit owners receive responsibility for the pet and its efforts on education and care.

Before you start a rabbit

You must ask yourself a few questions:

1. Where will the pet live?
For it is absolutely necessary cell, preferably equipped with a toilet, a secluded house in which the rabbit can hide from prying when alarming situation, as well as trough for hay.
The cage should be in a free, well-ventilated room, but not in a draft. cell size should be at least 70 * 55 * 45 cm.

2. Who will be responsible host rabbit?
This person should take care of the dailyable rabbit cells, transferring their functions to other home, if for some reason can not do it myself. In addition, the owner must regularly attend veterinary hospitals for routine inspection rabbit and routine vaccination.

3. Are you ready to take on this responsibility?
We are responsible for those - who have tamed. Do not follow fashion or give in to their desires without taking its responsibility and clearly weighing all the pros and cons.

How to choose a rabbit

There are many different breeds of ornamental rabbits: from dwarf to quite a large rabbit, from the long-haired short-haired breeds up, with small ears or fold.
You can always get qualitative consultation inbreeders or in specialized stores. You can also explore the special forums breeders and even get a purebred rabbit free, just in good hands.
The main thing is not to buy a pet in the subway, in a random street vendors and other "suspicious" areas. In this case, you risk getting sick animal.

When the rabbit house

The adaptation period may last for a long time. Pet must get used to the owner and the new place. Patience and love to help this process to develop faster.
Treats pet treats, caress a cat and talk to him, calling on a nickname.
Take care of the rabbit wire, wallpaper and wooden furniture. A young rabbit is actively sharpening teeth of these items. A meeting with the electrical wires is dangerous for the life of your pet.
Try to avoid large concentrations of people around the rabbit cage, it is very scary.
At the time of release, it is desirable to agree withloved ones, so they visited a pet in your home, and do not take back a rabbit to a new home, a change of scenery is very hard for these pets. If your vacation is short, up to 4 days, then you can safely leave your pet unattended, ensure a good supply of water and hay.
Rabbits teeth grow continuously, so they always need a solid material for their sewing. Ideal disrupt sprig tree and bring a pet.
During warmer months, you can walk with a rabbitwalk in the park. Rabbit are in special bags, carry, as a cat, and in the park you can walk with him on a special leash. Watch closely to the rabbit does not overeaten green grass, it can adversely affect its digestion.
Rabbits are good at remembering their masters know wheretheir cell, and they can be trained to use the toilet only to a certain place. Enjoy communicating with your pet and he will respond to you in return.

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