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How can I join the boat

How can I join the boat

In the operation of a boat hull can be damaged (scratches, punctures and so on.). Such damage should be dealt with in a timely manner.

If it is small, the repair can be done at home itself.

You will need

  • - zaplaty-
  • - Glue.



To begin the gluing boats firstthoroughly dry the damaged area as well as inside the compartment. Degrease the place itself, as well as around it with acetone. Prepare a rubber patch (do not use a tent material, it does not leak). workpiece size should be 30-40 mm in all directions exceed the size of the lesion. The edges of the patch make for a rounded contour, and then degrease it with acetone and mark the location of its position on the damaged site.


There are two ways of gluing.& Nbsp-on both surfaces, apply two layers of adhesive, it is well prosushivaya between each application for 10-15 minutes. After 10 minutes of applying the second layer (the glue must dry out slightly, but without losing stickiness) apply the patch on the damaged area, and then rolled down it with some rounded object on a flat hard surface.


Do the same as in the first method,only the second adhesive layer dry before losing stickiness, and then apply the patch and place it warm hairdryer before the glue starts deystvoat. Then roll on a place with a good repair effort so as not to appear wrinkles. In no case do not use for heating open fire! & Nbsp-Remember that the boat can be filled with water after 3-4 hours after renovation, but the full strength of the glue attains only a day later, that is, you can use the boat 24 hours after repairs . & nbsp-

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