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How can I join the audio file

How can I join the audio file

Connecting the audio files - not a particularly complicated operation that can be performed, audio editing software tools.

The choice of tools for gluing file depends on what result you want to get.

You will need

  • - The program Adobe Audition-
  • - Files you want to glue together.



Download the files that are going to be glued into the program editor. This can be done by dragging and dropping files into the program window, or by applying the Open command from the File menu.


If all you need is glue soundfrom one file to the sound from the other so that they are played back in sequence, copy the contents of the second file, and paste it into the end of the first. To do this, right-click on the name of the second file, and then click Edit file. With the key combination Ctrl + A to highlight all of the audio in a file. Copy it to the keys Ctrl + C.


Right-click on the file name, withthe contents of which will start your combined audio track. Again, click Edit file. Put the pointer at the place where going to paste the contents of the second file. Insert the sound using a combination of Ctrl + V.


Listen to the result of running playsound "Space" key. If necessary, edit the volume of parts of the new file. To do this, select the mouse entry segment that needs to be edited, and change the volume using the Amplify filter, which can be found in the group Amplitude menu Effects. Align the sound volume with the slider, and listen to the result by clicking on the play button in the Filter settings window. If the result of applying the filter you feel satisfactory, click OK.


If you want to add audio from one file tosound from another, you will need to Multitrack View mode. To use it, click on the name of each file, open the context menu and select the item Insert Into Multitrack. From the drop-down list, select Workspace Multitrack View. Start the sound reproduction combined "Space" key. If necessary, adjust the volume of a track using the Volume knob.


You can move any of the files if necessaryrelative to the other. To do this, click on the track with the sound that you want to move and select Cut from the context menu. Put the pointer at the point at which you should start the sound on this track and insert the combination Ctrl + V.


To save the file in the Multitrack modeuse the command Audio Mix Down from the group Export menu File. Enter the name of a stored file, disk space, where it will be saved. From the drop-down list, select the file type and click the Save button.


If you keep glued sound from conventional editing mode, use the Save As command from the File menu.

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