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How can I join a book

How can I join a book

Sometimes through carelessness child or adult can break the book.

For small repairs, you can use masking tape (it is sold in stationery stores).

The advantage in masking tape over the tape - a fabric base that keeps the adhesive layer to impregnate (with time) and the back side of the tape, which can lead to gluing pages.



Twenty years ago, so I had to usetape of domestic production, and this problem is substantial. Though today scotch quality and improved, but the result will be the same, if you, say, for a long time put book not far from the hot battery. It is better to use the masking tape.


Attach torn page on the initial placeher stay, promazhte glue a piece of masking tape and attach it in such a way as to cover part of the page and binding (it is also possible that he took a small portion of the adjacent page).


There are times when you need to glue themselvespages. Then, without the tape can not do, or part of the text will be unreadable. In this case, seal tape width of the page, even if it is not completely broken. If you stop in the middle of the page, the adhesive tape may eventually come off a little, and because of this can be pasted adjacent to that page. Moreover, the sized page entirely, will be much stronger than not glued to the bottom of the page.

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