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If you wish to build their own water supply,you have to remember a few important rules, guided by which do not make unnecessary mistakes and make it easy on yourself. To post will require more time and effort than special skills or tools, but be prepared, it is difficult and sometimes hard work.

If you are not afraid, you can begin.



Examine the soil, how it is soft and friable. This will determine what kind of material is required for the construction of water pipesa.


Make measurements of the territory in which shall be laid water pipes, Determine how much you need to do the outlets and power strips as necessary to do so. After determining all the features of your area, go to the hardware store.


Ask the seller what kind of materialbest pick. Purchase a few spare parts, it is possible that something of purchased during the assembly will be damaged, so they will not be superfluous. Even if everything goes "like clockwork", you can always leave them for emergency repairs in the future.

How to build & lt-strong & gt-water & lt- / strong & gt- himself


Begin to dig the path that is laid water pipes. Remember that if the pipeline put toohigh, it will be easily damaged by external influences, if the stack is too low, the material of your choice, simply can not withstand the pressure and burst. When you buy the parts you need to find out the optimal distance from the ground for this type of pipe.


Check the place joining the pipe. They do not need to pass water, and they should not have any cracks. Otherwise, glue or tape bandage construction damaged area.


Be careful when you first check the water supply. Always make sure the water all the way and make sure the work is done for the glory.

How to build & lt-strong & gt-water & lt- / strong & gt- himself

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