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How to build a water supply by yourself


How to build a water supply by yourself</a>

If you want to independently lay a water pipe,You must remember several important rules, guided by which you will not make unnecessary mistakes and make your life easier. For wiring you will need more time and effort than special skills or tools, but be prepared that this is hard and sometimes laborious work.

If this does not scare you, you can proceed.



Analyze the soil, how soft and loose it is. This will determine which material is required for the construction water pipesa.


Measure the area to be laid water pipes, Determine how many output holes need to be made and how many splitters are needed for this. Having determined all the features of your territory, go to the building store.


Consult with the seller what materialIt is best to choose. Get some spare parts, it is possible that something from the assembly purchased in the process will be damaged, so they will not be superfluous. Even if everything goes "smooth", you can always leave them in case of emergency repairs in the future.

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Start digging the way through which you will be laid water pipes. Remember that if you lay the pipeline tooHigh, it will easily be damaged by external influences, but if you stack too low, the material chosen by you can simply not withstand pressure and burst. When you buy the necessary parts, find out the optimal distance from the ground for this type of pipe.


Check the pipe joint. They should not allow water to pass through, and there should be no cracks on them. Otherwise, the damaged area should be glued or bandaged with building insulation tape.


Be careful when you first check the water supply. Be sure to follow the entire path of water and make sure that the work is done for glory.

How to build & lt-strong & gt-plumbing & lt- / strong & gt- yourself

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