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How can I change the oil in 2109

How can I change the oil in 2109

Cars of domestic production has always been easy to maintain.

So if you are the owner of the car VAZ 2109, can think seriously about an independent oil change, it is not difficult.

It should be noted that the process itself is similar to a replacement for all vehicles, both Russian and foreign.

You will need

  • The new engine oil 3.5 liters, the oil filter, the key 17, the key-puller the oil filter, the empty capacity of 3.5-4 liters.



The most convenient way to carry out an oil change procedure onpit, trestle or use the lift. All these actions are carried out on the engine warmed up to operating temperature. In the presence of the engine below the protection, it must be removed. To drain the used oil in the engine sump has a cork. The key 17 to unscrew the cork and poured the entire contents into any pre-prepared container. After that it is crucial not to forget to install the plug into place.


The next step - the removal of the oil filter. This lower part cylindrical motor located laterally. If it does not unscrew the filter hands firmly, use a special key-puller.


If not managed to get a specialPuller, oil filter wrench, use a simple device - a screwdriver. Fight with the help of the filter housing to be replaced, it is closer to the top. Then remove the filter Cycling screwdriver as a lever.


Before installing the fix and the newOil filter fill it bought motor oil up to half of the total volume. In addition, a mandatory fresh oil lubricate the rubber sealing ring.


Through the mouth of the engine fill new oil (the amount of the lubrication system is 3.5) and close the lid tightly.


Next, check the oil level using thePointer probe, it must be near the mark "max." To top it off, start the engine run for a few minutes at idle and check again. If necessary, the oil should be topped up to the proper level.


Also decide whether flushing is required formotor. As a general rule, in case of change of oil grade is imperative to do. In this case, use flushing oil or a special liquid, which gives waste oil properties of washing. However, it is possible to wash the engine and new oil. To do this, pour enough of it to a minimum and to allow to work road vehicles at idle for about 10 minutes. After that, it is required to drain the oil and replace the oil filter.

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