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How can I buy a car in Germany

How can I buy a car in Germany

The German automotive industry is highly respected in the world.

BMW, Audi, Mersedes, Folkswagen - these brands have millions of fans from different countries.

How to buy a car in Germany?



Check local Russian dealers of BMW, Mersedesetc. car directly from Munich or Berlin Automobile - the task doable. Sellers in Russia are ready to take transportation. However, shipping costs and interest deprive vases possible benefits. Most likely, the car will get you a price higher than the standard offering auto.


Buying from German concerns directly - morean interesting option. On the one hand, you have to take on all the costs of logistics (transport, customs). But it's worth it - you can buy a car for the price of the manufacturer.


Learn phone sales managers concerns. They can be found on the official websites of German manufacturers (Folkswagen.de, Audi.de, Mersedes.de).


Call on the German phone manager. Talking should be in German or in English (you can select this option when transferring a call to a voice-frequency mode). Of course, the manager, dealing in most cases with large regional dealers, retail order from Russia may slightly dumbfound. But if you explain it right, it will be possible to make a purchase.


You can buy a car in Germany withinternational services and Ebay OLX. Hundreds of thousands of new and used vehicles are placed on them every day. Look for cars exclusively on the German supply services (Ebay.de and Olx.de, respectively).


Ebay is traditionally considered to be more reliable service. When buying a German car to an auction, Ebay guarantees repayment in the event of fraud by the seller.


You need to specify the place of delivery under the purchase. For German cars the most profitable place of delivery will Kaliningrad (because of its geographical proximity to Germany). Next, you can either choose peregonschikov services or arrange transit accommodation and to come home in a car on their own.

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