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How can easily defeat their fears

As you can easily defeat their fears

Anyone, even the bravest person is afraid of something.

Fear makes feel defenseless before their face.

The desire to put up with this state of affairs is the most simple, but inefficient solution. Much more difficult to enter into battle with fear and come out of it a winner.

But it's worth it.



Look fear in the face. It is important to separate the real threat of the far-fetched. So, if you are afraid of heights, do not skydiving or climbing on roofs, it's not safe. But if the panic before the public entrance, stepped over his own modesty, and carefully prepare the speech, whether it is a working report or response to the seminar. Probably, such a fear would be to check the not so frightening.


Sometimes it is enough to read the informationon the subject of your fears to realize that there is no reason for them. For example, you are afraid of spiders bites. Read the relevant literature, find out which ones are poisonous, where live, whether a person is threatened and how to protect yourself from such hassles.


Turn on logic. Analyze your own, imagine different scenarios that cause anxiety. Think about your best behavior in such situations.


Consider whether there is a reason for concern. Perhaps this fear is deprived of reason, and you will come to understand this. Fear can also be caused by mental disorders, neurosis. If you can not cope on their own, it is necessary to consult a therapist.

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