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How can become an introvert extrovert

Extroverts may be easier to build a career

Introvert is different from the extrovert at sociability. Sometimes poorly developed ability to make and maintain new contacts can interfere with the construction of his personal life and career.

It happens that introverts difficult to apply their knowledge and skills in practice just because of the fact that they can not easily communicate with people.

However, if desired, an introvert can buy some useful features extrovert.



Realize that an introvert is not better or worseextrovert. Remodel itself makes sense only when it either like you, or you feel the need to purchase some extroverts features for building a successful career.


Learn to listen to the interlocutor. The road to successful communication is through the understanding of others. It is therefore important to be careful when talking. Try to grasp the essence of the human story, take a look at his gestures and facial expressions. All this information will help you better understand the interlocutor.


Arguments own point of view. Not only to listen and understand the person. It is necessary that he knew about your position. Introvert is not easy to master the art to maintain a conversation. Some of them question the value of his words to others, hesitate to start a conversation or when you want to kill a person. However, the practice will help you to overcome possible barriers to communication.


More often in society. If you want to become an extrovert, you will need to communicate more with other people. Adjust your schedule at your leisure. If you've performed in the privacy of the weekend, now is the time to go out, attend cultural events and to devote part of the leisure to communicate with friends or acquaintances.


Remember your value to others. Surely you have significant knowledge and useful skills that can help other people. Think about what your expert opinion is necessarily useful to a colleague, and so you should not be shy to express it. Once you realize their important role in the team, to communicate with people is much easier.


Use the following trick: sometimes just enough to seem someone, but do not have them. You can be an introvert at heart. Let you be the depth, thoughtfulness, the ability for an impartial analysis, and indifference to the values ​​imposed by society. But be with a good actor. Since people prefer sociable, more open society members, and some decent profession involve good communication skills, you need only to learn at the right time to rebuild and demonstrate extrovert skills. So you keep your own identity and achieve their goals.


Try to find something of interest in the surrounding. Move the view from your own inner world to the people and life on the outside. You might like to explore the personality of your loved ones, friends and colleagues, as well as to reflect on the mysteries and laws of society. And this is a considerable step towards becoming an extrovert.

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