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HOW called plumbing shop

How to call plumbing shop

Nothing cheers regulars Internet and freelancers as questions and tasks related to plumbing.

However, think of quite decent name for the store, which sells plumbing, it is not difficult if the time to repay a smile and focus.



Pick a name based on what products you want to sell. For example, a "sanitary facilities", "Plumbing for you", "SantehTovary" or even - "Plumbing".


Give it a name, based on the size of shop. The names "World of plumbing," "All for the plumbing," "SantehMarket" will be quite appropriate for the stores that have a large area, or even occupying a whole floor.


Pick a name based on the product's name, represented in your portfolio shop"Bath and valves", "Sinks and taps", "Taps and mixers." By the way, a two-part name is easier to remember than a single ( "taps" or "Spa").


Remember that books characters and movie characters are associated with customers with plumbing ( "Moidodyr", "Anna-Bath", "Athos").


Refer to foreign languages ​​and pick upthe name of the words, translated meaningful, such as "water", "shower", "House" and others. These names must be fully written in Cyrillic (in accordance with the "Law on Advertising"). However, it is not forbidden to use the English words written in Cyrillic (they can be divided by 2 and a half), "BASS", "SantehHaus".


If you are going to open online storeplumbing, the name written in Latin characters, even welcome. If you, for example, going to trade elite plumbing, in this case it is appropriate to come up with some English, Italian or even Latin name written, respectively, in Latin. It is in some way emphasize the solidity of your trading company. For example, «Bagno» ( «bath», Italy.), «Valvola» ( «valve», Italy.), «Aqueduc».


Think fun, but not vulgar name is associated with your product, water or a plumber, "San Sanych", "Crane Kranych", "Bul-Bul", "Head of the washbasin."


Do not pick up epithets for namesproducts available in your store, because this formula (product name plus the epithet "great," beautiful "," reliable ") in this case will not work. Names, compiled in such a way will be perceived ambiguously.

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