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How to call a plumbing store


How to call a plumbing store</a>

Nothing so much fun regulars of the Internet and freelancers, as questions and assignments related to plumbing.

However, to come up with a decent name for a store selling plumbing, it's not difficult, if for a while to extinguish the smile and concentrate.



Choose the name based on what products you are going to implement. For example, "Santeh Equipment", "Sanitary ware for you", "SantehTovary" or even simply - "Sanitary Engineering".


Think of the name, based on the dimensions Shop. The names "World of Sanitaryware", "All for Sanitaryware", "SantehMarket" will be quite appropriate for shops that have a large area or even occupying the whole floor.


Choose a name based on the product names in your product range. Shop: "Baths and valves", "Sinks and taps", "Taps and mixers". By the way, a two-part name is easier to remember than a single one ("Cranes" or "Baths").


Remember which characters in books and movie characters can be associated with customers with plumbing ("Moidodir", "Anna-Bath", "Afonya").


Apply to foreign languages ​​and selectThe name of the words, in the translation of meaningful ones, for example, "water", "shower", "house", etc. Such names should be completely written in Cyrillic alphabet (in accordance with the "Advertising Law"). However, it is not forbidden to use English words written in Cyrillic (they can be divided into 2 halves): "BAS", "SantehHouse".


If you are going to open an online storePlumbing, then the names written in Latin letters are even welcomed. If you, for example, are going to sell elite plumbing, then in this case it will be appropriate to come up with some English, Italian or even Latin name, written, respectively, in Latin. This will in some way emphasize the solidity of your trading company. For example, "Bagno" ("bath", ital.), "Valvola" ("valve", ital.), "Aqueduc".


Think of a cheerful, but not vulgar name that causes associations with your goods, water or plumbers: San Sanych, Crane Kranych, Bul-Bul, and Washbasins Chief.


It is not necessary to select epithets for namesGoods, available in your store, since this formula (the name of the product plus the epithets "big," "beautiful," "reliable") does not work in this case. Names composed in this way will be perceived ambiguously.

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