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How to name a hockey team


How to name a hockey team</a>

Everything should have its own name. This applies to the new hockey team.

But the process of choosing a name often confounds its participants, because the name should be beautiful, concise and reflect the essence of the hockey club.



When choosing a name for the hockey teamBe guided by the child's this team or adult, plays professionally or refers to the amateur category. For each type of team, it's better to choose specific names that will be as accurate as possible for them. For example, a children's hockey team can be called "Orlenok", but at the same time for an adult such a name will no longer be approached.


One way to choose a name is related to thatThe place where the team plays. This can be the name of the city (or other locality). First, such a team name immediately makes its origin understandable, and secondly, it is very memorable. For example, "Kursk", "Tambov" or "Vladivostok" unequivocally speak about where this team comes from. Of course, this name is more suitable for those who plan to travel to matches in other regions.


Geographic component & nbsp-can alsoExpressed in a & nbsp-name, & nbsp-the same name as the & nbsp-defined area of ​​the city-official or unofficial. Such identification at the place of residence permit will suit the teams participating in fights, mainly in their city. Examples include "Pechatniki", "Fili", etc.


Another option is the name of the team associated withLocal natural attractions. It can be rivers, lakes, mountains. This name of the hockey team will also give it a certain geographical color. Examples include the Neva, Baikal, Onega, and others.


A hockey team can bear the name of one & nbsp-ofRepresentatives of the animal world. Pretty popular (and thus beautiful) names associated with birds, predatory animals. For example, "Hawk", "Falcon". At the same time, it can be supplemented with a geographical component - "Amur tigers", "Siberian swifts", etc.


The name for the command can be selected based on theFrom the professional activities of its players. For example, a team of a metallurgical plant may be called a "Metallurgist" or a "Metallist", railway workers successfully act under the name "Locomotive".

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