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What do you call a car company

The statement "What do you call a boat, so itfloat "someone treats with derision, and some seriously. Name of the automotive company carries meaning and sound load and can significantly influence the fate and prosperity of the business.

There are many examples of observations and communications company name and its success.

When choosing a name for the company's automotive helpful guided classic marketing rules:

The simplicity and positivity

The name should not be too tricky and difficultmemorable. It is not recommended to use the words of the title, which carry a destructive, deadly meaning. For example: a tornado, explosion, collapse.
Ideally, the title should be simple, harmonious, without a lot of information in the future and cause the client positive emotions, feelings, stability, reliability.
An interesting observation: sounding company names are derived from a combination of the first parts of the name of the owner, partners or members of their families.


Think of a name for the auto company,useful to check to see if already used this name in the automotive business. This will help to avoid possible litigation with the owners of similar businesses. It is better to come up with their name and do not use someone else's. Another argument in favor of a unique name - search engine potential customer exactly will this particular company rather than another of the same name.

Without cheating

Company name should not be administered to clientsconfusion, misunderstanding, cause ambiguous associations. For example, if a company sells car tool, the name "Avtomelochi 'will be perceived by customers as the sale of accessories, not just tools.
The company's name does not have tocontain a detailed description of its activities, but it is recommended to link with activity still it was. Title, an abstract of the automotive theme, likely to play a role in the outflow of some of the customers who just do not understand what the firm.

The age and social class

Before coming up with the name, it is importantrealize what age group and what social class belong to the potential clients of the firm. We need to talk to customers in close to them language. The fact that close to people older age group may be a wild youth.

The advantage to the classic rules

The name of the car company have to put the words that are closely related in the sense of a profit, prosperity, longevity, and not vice versa. It is better not to risk it, coming up with a shocking name.
Examples of bad names, "Crash", "broken rail", "Avtoshok".
The title is recommended to encrypt a meaningful message to the potential customer and pleasant emotional associations, for example, "soft steering", "Rainbow bumper."

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