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How to burn clay


How to burn clay</a>

Firing clay ware? Final and at the same time almost the most crucial stage of its processing.

From how you cope with the task, the fruit of your labors will crumble to dust or will rejoice for many more years.

You will need

  • Muffle stove, cans, bricks, firewood



Dry the product before baking it. To do this, leave at room temperature in a shaded place, away from heating appliances and drafts? So that there is no temperature difference. After seven days, you can finish the drying process in the oven? Leaving the door ajar, gradually raise the temperature to 200 degrees for two hours.


Ideally, clay burning should be done inMuffle furnace. Such furnaces can be of various sizes, including compact, comfortably placed even in the room. Small electric ovens can be used in workshops that are not very spacious. To burn the product in such an oven, raise the temperature by 200-300 degrees every 4-5 hours. When the maximum temperature is 1000 degrees, begin to gradually reduce it. Take out the hand-made only after it has completely cooled down. The time and temperature of firing can vary depending on the type of clay and the size of the object.


If the product is not large and it's not scarySpoil it, you can experiment and try to burn it on open fire. Take two tin cans of different sizes. Shilom make a few holes in them. Place the clay object in one of them, put the second on top. Place the jars with the product on a small brickwork and lay a fire around it so that the volume of firewood on all sides is approximately the same. Burn the product by adding logs. When the fire burns and the coals cool down, you can get the handmade.

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