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How to remove fleas from a kitten at home


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To get rid of fleas from the kitten,And the fur of the pet is decoction of tansy or wormwood. During the fight against parasites in an animal, do not forget to disinfect the kitten's places of stay (litter, house, chair, sofa). Erect your pet with a kind of mattress made of fresh sawdust. This will help to scare away annoying bloodsucking parasites. Every day, vacuum up the soft furniture and carpet, so you can destroy flea larvae.

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The most convenient and affordable means of combatingFleas in kittens - anti-block collar. However, its use is not always effective, since parasites migrate farther from the collar to the tail of the animal. In addition, not all kittens will tolerate an insecticide collar, they will hasten to get rid of it in all available ways.

Fleas live in a dense undercoat of cats


Buy in a specialized pet storeInsecticide shampoo. But before that you should make sure that it is designed specifically for kittens. Read the instructions carefully before using the shampoo. Often used in the fight against fleas special foam or soap. It is enough only to soap a small piece of tissue with this remedy and wipe the cat. Try to avoid getting soap into the eyes, ears and nose of the kitten.

Than to withdraw cat fleas in the house


Ask your veterinarian for help. A specialist will examine the animal and prescribe a special remedy for removing fleas from the kitten. These can be sprays, shampoos or effective drops, which should be used once a month, applying to the withers of the animal.

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