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HOW bring fleas from the kitten home

How to bring a kitten fleas at home

It is difficult not to notice the appearance of a kitten fleas. The animal becomes restless, scratching and scratching himself, combing and bites damaged areas.

Rid your pet from moving wingless insects.

And the sooner you start the fight, the more effective it will be.

You will need

  • - salt-
  • - A comb with frequent zubyami-
  • - Tansy or polyn-
  • - opilki-
  • - Protivobloshiny osheynik-
  • - Shampoo bloh-
  • - Drops of fleas.



From the constant bites the kitten may beinflammation of the skin and even anemia from blood loss, which may result in death of the animal. Therefore, you need to destroy fleas. But it is not recommended to use aggressive products. You can try a gentle way to remove fleas. Pour into a bowl warm water and dissolve it in three tablespoons of salt. Lower the kitten in the prepared solution for neck and soak for ten minutes. Then wipe it dry with a towel and start to comb flea comb.

how to get rid of fleas on the cat


To get rid of fleas from the kitten, rub the skinand pet hair decoction of tansy and wormwood. During the control of parasites in an animal do not forget to disinfect stay kitten (bedding, house, armchair, sofa). Construct your pet a unique mattress fresh sawdust. This will help scare off pesky bloodsucking parasites. Daily Vacuum upholstered furniture and carpet, so you can kill flea larvae.

how to get the fleas from hamster


The most convenient and affordable way to combatfleas in kittens - protivobloshiny collar. However, its use is not always effective, since the parasites migrate farther from the collar - to the rear of the animal. In addition, not all kittens will tolerate insecticidal collar, they hasten to get rid of it by all available means.

Fleas live in the dense undercoat cats


Buy from a retailer for animalsinsecticidal shampoo. But before that, make sure that it is designed specifically for kittens. Carefully read the instructions before applying the shampoo. Often used in the fight against fleas special foam or soap. Suffice it to lather a small section of tissue by the tool and rub cat. Try to avoid getting soap in your eyes, ears and nose kitten.

feline flea output than in the building


Consult your veterinarian. The specialist will examine the animal and to appoint a special tool to remove fleas from the kitten. This can be sprays, shampoos or effective drops that should be used once a month, causing the animal's withers.

protect the domestic cat from fleas

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